The dominant discourse in our society is that pregnant and birthing wombxn are ticking time 💣. That could go off at any moment and therefore need to be closely monitored, tested, prodded, injected and subdued at every possible opportunity and the purpose of these interventions is to search for and find a pathology or a problem to prove that wombxn Are physically unable to carry and birth their own babies. It is my opinion that these practices are beneficial to those doing them because they make the practitioner feel needed, powerful, godly, superior, necessary and like Saviours. And then we as the wombmxn Are expected to thank them, be subservient To them, Defer to them, and value their opinion more than our own intuition. 

The thing is It is so innocuous and perpetuated by lay people on the street and the dominant discourse is fear. It is so disempowering. 

Let’s stop judging each other for our choices regarding pregnancy and birth. I personally don’t presume they want my opinion unsolicited. I assume it’s none of my business. And it’s not anyone’s business except the birthing wombmxn. 

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