Autonomous Birth Workshops

Feminist Childbirth education for badasses who want to claim their power!

You are here because you want to know ALL of your birthing options. You want to feel in control of your body and your baby. You want to make conscious and informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You want to be fully supported in your choices. You are frustrated by the medical care you’ve received and are wondering if there is something more. Well, there is… Welcome wild one, you’ve found it here.   

How are you feeling?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of being pregnant and becoming a parent? 
  • Are you wondering what options you have? 
  • Are you feeling like you don’t have a voice or a say in what happens to your body and your baby? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the tests, appointments and medical approach to pregnancy and birth?
  • Do you want to know the risks and benefits or all the tests and interventions? 
  • Do you feel like no one is on your side?
  • Do you feel exhausted by continuously fighting for what you want?
  • Do you feel frustrated that no one is listening to you?

  • Do you feel like it’s you and your baby against the world?
  • Do you feel pressure from everyone around you to do things their way?
  • Do you feel nervous about advocating for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum?
  • Do you want to know what your RIGHTS are as a birthing person? 
  • Do you want to feel in control? 
  • Do you want to feel like you’re calling the shots? 
  • Do you want to be the expert of your own body and your own baby? 
  • Do you want to reconnect with your intuition and innate biological wisdom? 
  • Do you want to make ‘alternative’ or ‘natural’ choices? 

What if I told you that You could be feeling…

  • Knowledgable and well informed about ALL of your options.
  • Confident about your choices and ability to advocate for yourself and your baby. 
  • Connected to your body, your baby and your intuition. 
  • Free to be YOU and enjoy your pregnancy. 
  • Excited about your upcoming birth and postpartum. 
  • Curious about how your birth will unfold and feeling open to what the universe and your baby have in store. 
  • Powerful AF! 
  • Supported, understood and respected. 
  • Wild and free. 
  • Autonomous, confident and absolutely unstoppable. 

So, why lani and why autonomous birth?

Lani Raven is a full spectrum doula, radical feminist, and all around noisemaker. Lani is a hardcore physiological birth and miscarriage advocate, who believes we are fundamentally and biologically magnificent at growing and birthing our babies. Lani believes that the current birthing climate of over medicalisation, fear, subjugation, and lack of informed consent experienced by birthing people is not only leading to trauma, but also ultimately creating immeasurable negative consequences for the mental health, physical health and DNA structure of future generations. Lani creates conversations that put power squarely back into the hands of birthing people, ensuring the authority and responsibility lies with the birthing person. Lani is a proponent of autonomous birth, free birth, and radical responsibility. As a previously registered psychologist and childbirth researcher, Lani challenges all the assumptions and ideas that hold you back, and prevent you from being your most badass and authentic self. Lani ensures birthing people thrive and become their truest selves in the midst of the chaos.

Autonomous Birth is not free birth, home birth, birth-centre birth or hospital birth. Autonomous Birth is not about where you birth and it’s not even about the choices you make during birth. Autonomous Birth is about who is making choices and about how you make choices. Autonomous Birth is a state of mind and a state of being. It’s knowing all your options and making the choices that are right for you regardless of what others are saying. Autonomous birth is living and birthing in your full power and authority regardless of what model of care you have decided on. Autonomous Birth is a preventative against trauma, isolation, fear, bullying, coercion, disappointment, blame, and a whole cascade of negative outcomes from lack of sovereignty during the most powerful experience of your life. Autonomous Birth is everything. 

Sure Lani, I hear you, but…

  • “I’ve read a book. A shit ton of books.” – Great! The more information you have, the more prepared you will be! This workshop goes beyond anything any book has ever covered. It’s an in depth look at birthing and all the politics, reality, and science amalgamated with group coaching that challenges and changes the way that you view birth, society, culture and your very self! 
  • “My partner is supportive.” – Thank fuck! This is so important! But you also want your partner to be able to be fully immersed in their own experience, and trust me there is no support like that of a fellow birth nerd and woman who has been there, done that, and excavated the learnings. 
  • “My care provider is super supportive.”/”I trust my care provider.” – I’m going to burst this bubble. Your care provider cares more about not being sued than you. It’s fucked up, but completely true. You absolutely cannot rely on them to provide you with all the options and information. They may not even know the information! They work long days, their stressed, and they want ‘compliant patients’. I’m not even kidding. Please don’t think yours is any different. 
  • “I’ve done childbirth education before.”- Good! That probably means you have some knowledge and techniques to draw on. But this workshop goes beyond anything I have ever seen in terms of preparing you for the reality of the birthing system in Australia. I’ve also never encountered any education that talks about what all your options truly are and the legal perspective on what your rights are. 
  • “I’ve got my plan.” – Yassss Queen, I am so into you having your plan. I had a plan too! But are your providers talking to you about all the times they wont support your plan? Are they discussing what their policies and procedures, limitations and legal requirements are? Are they also on top of that, telling you that you have the right to say no to any of them? Are they also on top of that saying that they will support you regardless? If you answered no to any of these, you need this workshop! 
  • “I’m a strong person.” – Fuck yes you are! Now imagine multiple midwives, nurses and doctors that you’ve met or never met coming into your space trying to get what they legally need, while you’re trying to birth your baby. Imagine you at your most vulnerable and powerful about to birth your baby, and having to fight to make people listen to you. Strong people also need support and information to fall back on.  
  • “I’m having a freebirth/homebirth/c-section.” – It literally doesn’t matter what kind of birth you are planning, or where you’re planning to birth, it’s so important to know what your options are. If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any. Homebirth and freebirth doesn’t automatically mean your exempt from dealing with medicalisation of birth. Your homebirth midwives have policies and procedures that will often come before your care preferences. Your freebirth and any birth for that  matter can still be sabotaged by your mindset or other people interfering. This workshop will provide a space for you to receive support from a circle of birthing people and release your fears and assumptions that hold you back. You will emerge from your own ashes as a fucking Phoenix on fire!  
  • “I have given birth before.” – Did it go the way that you wanted? Do you feel at peace with every aspect of it? Is there nothing you would change? Did you feel powerful and in complete and total control over your experience? Were you the person with the most authority in the space? If you answered no to any of those, then this workshop will give you the knowledge, confidence, and fearlessness that you want when you birth! 
  • “It’s a lot of $ for me.” – Yep. I get it, it’s a lot for me too. But can you afford not to value your birth? Are you okay to drop money on a wedding, but not this incredible and equally important day of your life. No-one get’s traumatised by a wedding, people experience birth trauma all the time. Can you afford to spend the money afterward on counselling, pelvic floor therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, medications etc fucking etc? Can you honestly afford to not value your birth?

The Workshop

  • Join a small circle of 10 people to rewild yourself. Birthing people gathering is a powerful spiritual and emotional tonic. We learn from each other and hold space for each other.
  • What one person brings to circle is often felt deeply by others within the circle. We have the opportunity to unpack and hold space for each other, as we are travelling the same journey.
  • Unlearn the cultural and societal norms of childbirth and reclaim your innate birthing wisdom.
  • Learn how the birthing system in Australia actually works.
  • Learn about the business model of birth, and how to position yourself so that you are the boss!
  • Learn what true physiological birth can look and feel like, and the incredible power that you have within you.
  • Discover joyous, orgasmic, and pleasurable birth practices and reconnect birth with your sexuality, and sexual experience.
  • Get the run down on evidence based care, and the normal physiology of birth, including the hormonal birthing blueprint.
  • Discover the true ramifications of our birthing system and the interventions therein, including current science on the hormonal gap, and maternal mental health outcomes.
  • Legal perspective; what the law says about your birthing rights and bodily autonomy.
  • Real information about the physiology of postpartum and the fourth trimester, as well as navigating new parenthood, and your new identity.

When you leave you will…

  • Know your options, and feel prepared.
  • Feel confident about your choices and ability to advocate for yourself and your baby?
  • Feel inspired, confident, powerful, and unafraid of birth and new parenthood.
  • Feel connected to your body, baby and innate birthing wisdom.
  • Feel excited about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • Feel supported, understood and respected.
  • Be autonomous, confident and absolutely unstoppable!
  • Be powerful AF!

Important info

  • Send Lani an equiry to register your interest for the next workshop available. 

This is for you if

  • You want to know all your options.
  • You want to be the one making the descisions when it comes to your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • You want to learn how the maternity system works.
  • You want to maintain your bodily autonomy.
  • You want to know your legal birthing rights.
  • You want to make alternative or natural choices.
  • You want a physiological/natural birth.
  • You want to reconnect birth and pleasure.
  • You want to connect to your intuition and baby.
  • You love to question things and go your own way.
  • You want to wake up your most powerful self.

this is not for you if

  • You don’t like challenging the status quo.
  • You trust your care providers no matter what.
  • You want an induction or c-section for non-medical reasons.
  • You want to be tested for everything you possibly can.
  • You trust others more than your own intuition.
  • You believe birth is something that you just have to ‘get through’.
  • You don’t value your birth.
  • You don’t value your intuition.
  • You’re not open to alternative points of view.
  • You view babies as non-sentient beings.
  • You’re planning on circumcising.
  • You’re planning on sleep training.
  • You don’t value health and wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for?

This is not your average birth education! It’s a deconstruction of the birthing system in Australia. It’s a detailed critique of the business model of birth. It’s an in depth analysis of cultural discourse surrounding birthing and parenthood. It’s understanding your own unique assumptions about birth and parenthood in order to smash them so that you are free to make intuitive and powerful choices based on evidence not fear! It’s a deep dive into the hormonal blue print of birth, the true physiological process that no one talks about. The risks and benefits of many different birth choices. What your legal rights are and how to use them. It’s a long hard look at pain vs pleasure and how we can claim pleasure during birth. How we can remember that birth is not separate from sex. How birthing is part of our sexuality! It’s birthing education like you have never seen it before. Full of analysis/critique/unpacking assumptions/biases and everything you need to know to advocate for yourself and your baby, make informed choices and be your most authentic and powerful self in the face of a toxic birthing culture.

Come and join Lani to rewild yourself. Come as a frustrated patient and leave as the birthing boss that you are! Join an intimate circle of birthing people to do the inner work, learn how to navigate or exit the maternity system, learn about pleasurable birth practices, and feel truly supported, understood and valued as a unique person.

  • Know your options.
  • Feel confident
  • Be ready to advocate
  • Feel inspired and powerful
  • Feel connected to your body and your baby. 
  • Be autonomous and absolutely unstoppable
  • Claim your innate power

  • Tickets strictly limited to 10. 
  • Payment plans available, contact Lani to enquire.