I support wombxn’s right to bodily autonomy, it’s my FOUNDATIONAL principal, and it’s literally at the core of EVERYTHING I stand for.

The recent ‘heartbeat’ bills that have gone through in some states in the US are atrocious! They prevent wombxn accessing safe legal abortions, and the penalties are EXTREME. They are claiming that abortion=murder. Wombxn who abort literally face the death penalty under these bills. Those who help them are ‘accessories to murder’. I can’t even fathom how wrong this is! How appalling this is and how upsetting to me personally this is. This bill will simply put abortion underground and make it unsafe. This is make wombxn seek abortion in other states, which will also count as murder. This will make wombxn unsafe and cuckold us to a patriarchal legal system, and world. And it’s just not okay with me.

If you are in need of abortion support please get in touch – you deserve support.