The Early Birth Keeper Mentorship.

Physiological Early Birth

I came up with the words ‘early birth’ after my third miscarriage. Because the word miscarriage implies a few things I just don’t agree or resonate with.

1. That something is amiss or missing.

2. That my body failed to carry my baby.

I disagree. I believe early birth is adaptive and that nature knows best. Even when it really hurts. I disagree because my body is incredible and doesn’t have the capacity to fail. My body is wise and incredibly adaptive. She’s knows more than my conscious brain does and she doesn’t need to prove anything to me or society. I also resonate with early birth because some of my experiences of release were truly intense and it IS a birth process. Regardless of gestation.


Do you feel frustrated and sad about the number of women having their babies sucked out of their wombs - due to practitioners fears and inability to wait for birth, coupled with a complete societal disconnection from the process of birthing early (in the first + second seasons ‘trimesters’ of pregnancy?!)

I am. I’m so frustrated by the fear that is spread around having a beautiful and loved but dead babe in our wombs. Our babies aren’t here to hurt us. I truly believe our spirit babes are here to teach us. And also- death happens. It’s not a pathology and it’s not avoidable. It’s normal. If we birth early - there’s nothing wrong with us!!!!! It’s a normal (and should be expected) experience that happens (apparently 1/4 but) probably 1/3 or even more pregnancies. It’s common and normal... and so is birthing them.

Early birth is an important and transformational threshold many of us walk. It’s matrescence without a babe to feed, and nurture forever. It’s potent and powerful. It’s big energy. An important and overlooked right of passage.

It’s my belief and experience that when we birth our sky babies in the safety and comfort of our home physiologically - then we have the best opportunity to process, integrate and honour ourselves, our babies and our postpartums.

Let’s change how early birth is viewed and support our sisters experiencing it, so they don’t feel alone and broken!


About the Mentorship

  • Starts February 18th.
  • Six week live course, but you can do it at your own pace and take as long as you need really.
  • It’s open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and it’s completely online.
  • It will be delivered via pre-recorded videos sent straight to your email, a quick reference PDF guide, and several live zoom calls for questions and more personalised support.
  • There will be a facebook group for peer support and ongoing connection.
  • I am only opening the doors to this program for a short time and there is a limit on how many people can sign up, due to the live calls and my capacity to hold space.

What You'll learn

  • A whole new language toolbox to use when referring to miscarriage.
  • The physiology of normal early birth and ALL of it's beautiful variations.
  • Timeframes and variations.
  • Baby development and identification.
  • Rare risks and complications.
  • Postpartum support and care.
  • Supportive complimentary therapies.
  • Holding space and creating ritual around baby death.
  • Self care and Practice.


NB: Please note the following

  • The mentorship is NOT a certified training.
  • The information presented is based on the hundreds of early birth stories I have had the honour of witnessing. Therefore, the 'data' this mentorship is based on is qualitative and story based. It is ancient feminine wisdom, and does not belong to the western medical system, nor the western model of education and the scientific model. THIS IS A RECLAIMATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM - it belongs to US.

Do you know how long a babe stays within your womb after it has died? Before your body realises, recalibrates, prepares to birth, and then finally actually births your sky baby? Do you know the incredible variations of this timing? Do you know the most common timeframe between death and birth? Maybe it’s longer than you think?

Would you like to deep dive into learning this - and the incredible variations of blood loss/bleeding, contractions and/or cramping, birth and what the baby will look like based upon gestation development differences, healing, postpartum and support? How different would the world be if we all knew this!? How many more of us would birth early unafraid, and in the peace of our homes, with the comfort and support of our sisters or family, with the space and opportunity to honour their birth as a birth, honour their baby as a baby, and honour their postpartum as a true postpartum?!?


Early birth is a rich landscape of many variations! Do you want to know about normal physiological early birth (miscarriage) and all these beautiful variations?

Do do you want to ReWild, remember, and re learn how our wombs have been releasing our babies early since humans began? Do you want to be confident and knowledgeable about natural, normal early birth? Do you want to be able to walk beside your sisters in trust and wise woman knowledge about the experience of early birth? Do you want to be a lighthouse of trust in nature’s innate design in a world that pathologises our wombs and their ability to birth our dead babies? Do you want to be that gentle but fierce reminder that we don’t need surgery and abortives to birth our sky babies?

If this is you - you’re invited to join me in my early birth keeper mentorship!

$888 AUD Earlybird price - SAVE $111

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Thank you so much for your support.
You will receive an email from me in the next 24 hours welcoming you.

Please feel free to email me at: with any questions!

What sisters have said about this course...

"I found Wild when I was journeying through my own Early Birth. I knew the subject was controversial and I didn’t feel that a ‘traditional’ therapist would support me on the women, baby and physiologically centred journey that I was on. After she supported me I saw the Early Birth Keeper course, and instantly jumped in. I had already journeyed Radical Birth Keeping with her and loved her rawness. Wild is wholeheartedly there to sit beside women, to show them their capacity and abilities as a powerful creatrix. She has collected years worth of the most authentic and telling anecdotal data I have come across and after journeying with her you can no longer dispute the fact that women know their bodies BEST. There is nothing the body doesn’t know or do that isn’t there to support us and our babies on their individual journey. She is ego-less, gentle, passionate, raw, honest and full of love and honour for women and here to create a truly authentic sisterhood where there is real support for each other. I particularly love how she brings together women in her community and I’ve made some incredible life-time connections through her courses."

- Paisley: Founder of Conscious Parenting Movement